Performance & Regenerative Medicine in Nashville

Dr. Lee Howard, MD, FACS, our Medical Director, believes that “Now there are diagnostic and technological advancements that (when implemented) allow us to achieve our ideal health and live active, energetic and pain-free lives well into old age.”

Total Body Wellness

We believe that all symptoms are simply signs of a root cause, in the form of an imbalance or an invader.

At Compass Cellular Healing our goal is to understand your current needs and develop a plan of care tailored to your health goals. We offer a variety of treatments for individuals looking to reduce pain and inflammation, as well as treatments to help boost natural energy and improve overall health.

Our Treatments


Increase the total amount of oxygen available to your cells. Enhance circulation, boost your immune system, and fight off harmful pathogens and cancerous cells.


Improve your performance, longevity, and overall health, with our hormone replacement programs designed specifically to help you reach your health goals.


Restore your body’s own natural defense and healing processes with one of the most effective combination therapies used for muscle support, sexual health, and  wellness.


Restore your natural energy production, boost your metabolism, and promote brain function with this powerful anti-aging treatment only available at Compass Cellular Healing.


Boost your immune system, refresh your body, and improve recovery with our vitamin electrolyte blends that help supply your body with the vital nutrients it needs.


Improve your sexual performance naturally. Restore your sensation and excitement without the use of medications with our sexual health treatments.


Reduce joint pain and inflammation with the latest advancement in cellular regeneration therapy that works to balance vital bodily functions and maintain homeostasis.

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