Chronic Disease Reversal

Do you suffer from type two diabetes, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome or an autoimmune disease? Are you afraid that type two diabetes is going to cause heart disease amputation or blindness?

Have you been exposed to mold? Do you suffer from unexplained neurological or systemic complaints? Have you been exposed to heavy metals or toxins?

Would you like to take fewer medications for your type two diabetes? Are you looking for long-term solutions that will treat the underlying causes of your chronic disease?

Compass Cellular Healing is a Nashville holistic medicine clinic, and our diabetes and chronic disease treatment is your solution for getting off of pills, getting off of insulin and getting control of your disease. We can identify and treat mold and heavy metal related illnesses. We can also reduce the toxicity of chemotherapy and other medications.

Treating auto immune disease, or any chronic disease, will require time, effort and persistence. At Compass Cellular Healing we will evaluate the root causes of your disease and develop a specific functional medicine treatment and autoimmune disease therapy plan in Nashville, for your condition.

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Dr. Lee Howard

There is no single solution or approach for everyone when it comes to Type II Diabetes Reversal or reversal of autoimmune disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Disease Reversal or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. At Compass Cellular Healing, we use a comprehensive, holistic approach, with research proven methods to enact change and reach your goals.

Our Nashville holistic medicine programs, which are usually about 12 weeks long for diabetes and chronic disease treatment, allow us to spend about an hourly session each week, guiding you on how to understand how food and exercise can help you heal. Because our programs are physician led, we can monitor your medications and make adjustments as necessary.

Mold, Chemotherapy and Heavy Metals

Exposure to mold, chemotherapy, heavy metals and other toxins is very common. These exposures can play a role in the development of chronic disease.

Neuropathy, brain fog, kidney disease, high blood pressure, cognitive decline and musculoskeletal pain can all be signs of an underlying toxicity or illness.

If you are suffering from any of these chronic diseases or if you believe you have been exposed to heavy metals or other toxins, please contact us today and learn how you can begin to heal your body with our Nashville area holistic medicine treatment programs.

Then we talk about how you start the process of eating right to live disease free.

For the next 12 weeks we evaluate your progress, answer your questions, help you make choices, and most importantly, help you understand the physiology of your body in regards to your disease. We empower you with knowledge—knowledge on what works, and why. We have found that it is helpful for patients to understand the why behind their treatment plan. Traditional medicine misses this.

Compass Cellular Healing can help you if you’re in the beginning stages of Type II Diabetes (with a HbA1C of 5.6 or more) and we can help you if you are well into the disease and may be taking multiple medications or insulin to control your blood sugar. Our goal is to help you live without pills or injections, to prevent disease complications and to have you feeling great for many years to come.

And if you follow our Nashville diabetes and chronic disease treatment programs, you can experience health like you never thought was possible.​

The process begins with an in depth interview and a body composition analysis where we get a metabolic read-out of you-how many calories you need per day to maintain your current weight, how much muscle and fat you have, how healthy are your cells and how much body water you have. Labs are also drawn at this visit and are reviewed in the coming visits to help your progress.

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