We Offer COVID-19 Rapid Testing

Safe | Fast | Accurate Testing

1. Drive-Up Testing Available

2. Get Results in 15 Minutes

3. Highest Accuracy Rapid Testing Available

Are you needing to be tested for Covid-19? We offer safe and accurate testing without the need of coming into an office to get your results. We will perform your rapid nasal swab test in the safety of your car by a Registered Nurse. Simply call to request your rapid test by appointment only.

Need to Boost Your Energy + Immune System?

We Offer Immune Boosting IV Infusions

Our Immune Boosting IV Therapy packed with the vitamins you need to be more productive, have more energy, and fight off infection. This treatment provides maximum absorption into your cells by infusing nutrients directly into your bloodstream. We highly recommend this treatment for anyone who may be recovering from an illness or simply want to feel better in their body.

1. Boost Your Immune System

2. Get Maximum Vitamin Absorption

4. Improve Your Energy Levels

5. Feel Better and Stronger

6. Enjoy Mental Clarity and Focus

Hydration + Energy + Immunity