From week to week and even one day to the next, we’re all trying to keep ourselves updated on the latest information on COVID-19. We’re swimming through online news articles and our eyes are set on the television as we notice the number of cases. Through the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we haven’t had much clarity on its direction or how long this pandemic will last. 

From the parameters of the virus to the possibilities of transmissions, we have more knowledge now and I want to share important yet simple tips you can start today to keep your loved ones and yourself healthy. 

I’m sure you’ve been in situations when the common cold spreads like wildfire in your workplace or at home. Coronavirus can mutate and change it’s genetic code quickly and this is why “herd immunity” may not happen with COVID-19. Bottomline-immunity may be short-lived, and we shouldn’t forget that.

We have also learned that asymptomatic people and children are not likely to transmit the virus and that the virus can’t survive outside on a hard surface for very long or at all. We can only conclude from this that outdoor activities and children’s playgrounds pose little or no threat to us.

What are the two most powerful steps you can take? The first is to always protect yourself in high-risk places or avoid those places. Secondly, focus on boosting your immune system consistently. We all know about the flu and what a terrible thing it can be when the Fall season rolls around. From nursing homes to people with compromised immune systems, it sadly takes lives within weeks. We’re now being witnesses to COVID-19 taking place over the flu. 

As we work on keeping our busy lives balanced, it has never been more important to stay aware of your environment and protect your body. The real game plan we have is to reduce your risk and I’ll share with you three tips you can put into action now. Make sure you have the correct levels of Vitamin D. My suggestion is to have your Vitamin D levels checked and maintain it between 80-100.

Next, take Vitamin C every single day! Take a moment to give yourself 2,000mg twice a day to boost your immunity. Be mindful to bring it back down to 3,000mg once a day if you have any loose stools or an upset stomach. 

Here at Compass Cellular Healing, we offer IV services that will boost your immune system. We offer higher doses of Vitamin C that kick your body into a stronger gear instantly. Worldwide studies show that COVID-19 patients have a shorter duration of the virus and less severity of the virus thanks to the IV services. Go ahead and set up a daily reminder to take the right amounts of Vitamin C, and you’re on your way to shut out the chances for your body to be an easy target for the virus.

We have strategies here we’re confident will help you. Give us a call or schedule an appointment, and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with preventative methods you can do at home also!

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