ED, erectile dysfunction, is a challenging subject for the men dealing with it, but those dealing
with it should know they are NOT alone and there are options to reverse it without the use of
medications. Compass Cellular Healing in Nashville, TN provides several treatment options for


Let’s Talk About It

ED occurs when it becomes harder for a man to maintain an erection or get one at all. Erectile
dysfunction is more common as men age, but it can be seen in men as early as in their 20s. ED
is usually treatable at any age. There are both physical and psychological factors that can cause
erectile dysfunction.

As men age their testosterone can decrease which is why ED is more prevalent in older men.
Statistics show 50% of men ages 40-70 have experience ED at some point in time.
Factors That Increase Your Chance of Developing ED:

The Alma Duo Treatment

Alma Duo is a revolutionary treatment specifically designed for men. This treatment uses a
gold-standard shock wave technology to stimulate increased blood flow and restore sexual
performance naturally.

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