I wanted to talk to everyone about the coronavirus. As all of you know this has already hit the mainland and we are expecting more cases and more deaths to occur. I think the important thing to remember though is most of the people succumbing to the illness are older people who are debilitated or have some other type of health issue that makes them more likely to not be able to fight off this virus and not be able to recover. So as we move into this more widespread nature of the virus and we see more cases I wanted to inform all of you about a few simple steps can you take to protect yourself specifically if you are traveling or are going to be in a high-risk area to protect yourself and keep you family safe. These steps will help you lower your chances of getting infected with the virus.

1. Take Your Vitamins

Vitamin D is known as the Sunshine Vitamin. It’s produced by our largest organ, our skin in response to sunlight. But sometimes we aren’t able to get outside and get that much needed Vitamin D. The winter months especially it’s important to be taking Vitamin D. We suggest taking around 5,000-10,000 Units Per Day. There are many nutrition stores and grocery stores that offer this supplement. You can also find it in many food sources such as salmon, eggs, milk, yogurt, and orange juice. This will boost your immune system and help your body to fight off infections that you make come into contact with while traveling. Traveling can be exhausting, time change, disturbed sleep cycles, and changes in temperatures can all affect our immune system. This is why we must be prepared and give our bodies a fighting chance to ward off invaders such as the Coronavirus. Along with building up our immune systems, Vitamin D can lower stress levels and even boost weight loss.

2. Take a Supplement

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An essential amino acid that can also help your immune system is Lysine. We recommend taking around 1,000mg of Lysine each day. This also helps boost your immune system. Lysine is a powerful building block for protein in your body. These proteins help produce immune cells and enzymes that can help fight off diseases, cancer, diabetes, and may even help reduce blood pressure. This can be found in many produce and nutrition stores as well as in common foods such as fish, fruits, and vegetables.

3. Wash Your Hands

While a mask is great and may reduce transmission of the virus you are more likely to touch it with your hands like a seat, an armrest, the tray tables on an airplane. Once the virus is on your hands is very easy to contract the virus by touching your food or drink, or accidentally putting your fingers in your mouth.

4. Get Hand Sanitizer

While you may not always have access to a sink to wash your hands, one thing you can do is bring along some hand sanitizer with you while traveling or in the workplace for example. Escalators handles, doors, and water fountains are all areas commonly touched by humans. While it may not be possible to avoid touching all of these particular areas, you can take extra measures of precaution by keeping your hands clean.

5. Immune Boosting IV Therapy

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If you plan on traveling or have been feeling fatigued you are at more of a high risk of contracting the virus. We offer many types of IV Therapy that will deliver nutrients straight to your bloodstream which can be much more effective because it bypasses your digestive system. This makes the vitamins and fluids instantly absorbed by your cells giving you an optimum level of immune-boosting power to fight off any infections or viruses that may come near you. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions regarding our immune-boosting therapies and how you can better protect yourself and your family against these harmful viruses impacting the public.

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  1. Hi!
    Are you offering IV vitamin C infusions to those suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19?

    1. Hello Jennifer, this is Dr. Lee Howard. Yes, we are offering IV vitamin C for the prevention and treatment of COVID cases. We have had great success with this therapy so far.
      If you have other questions we can answer for you please contact us at 615-307-7246.

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