IV Therapy delivers vitamins and minerals to the body intravenously – meaning those vitamins and minerals enter the bloodstream immediately and are spread throughout the entire body. This method allows for full absorption, unlike taking oral supplements. Supplements taken orally are mostly absorbed by the gut so the body does not always get the full benefit of them.

Who Can Benefit from IV Therapy?

The sort answer is everyone. IV Therapy has many benefits, those who can benefit the most are:

What Benefits Can I See/Feel With IV Therapy?

Benefits can vary between individuals. Benefits are also different based on the “cocktail” of vitamins and minerals used in a session. Most people notice a difference after their first IV Therapy session and the benefits continue to get better with more sessions. When having wellness therapies done it is always important to maintain a healthy lifestyle outside of the clinic to aid and boost the benefits of treatments done in office. What changes can you begin to notice with IV Therapy?

IV Therapy is a great way to care for your body’s overall health & wellness. Compass Cellular Healing is located in Belle Meade – Nashville, TN. To schedule a personalized IV Therapy session, please give us a call at (615) 307-7246 or send us an email to contact@compasscellularhealing.com