IV Therapy Infusions


Our Nashville IV vitamin therapy and infusions can be used to boost your immune system, refresh your body, and improve recovery. IV Hydration promotes whole-body wellness and recovery. The vitamin electrolyte blend helps supply your body with the vital nutrients.


IV Vitamin Infusions can help industry professionals, athletes and sports enthusiasts perform with greater efficiency and endurance. Your body needs a very specific amount of water, minerals, and electrolytes and many of us do not get the adequate amount in our diets.


Do you suffer from chronic fatigue, illness, inflammation, or infections? Your body made be holding on to harmful toxins and heavy metals that need to be flushed out. Our IV infusions naturally detox your body and replenish your cells with vital nutrients.


Do you feel dehydrated? You may not be getting enough nutrients in your diet? You may not get getting the nutrients you need for optimal health. Our IV infusions will help deliver nutrients straight to your cells giving you a boost of energy and performance.

Boost Performance

Increase Energy

Detox Your Body

IV Nutrition

Our Nashville IV vitamin therapy and infusions provide maximum absorption—delivering nutrients straight to the bloodstream bypassing your digestive system making the compounds directly available to your cells
If you have “leaky gut” or other digestive issues (Crohns’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and others) IV therapy gives you a better chance of using the nutrition when you need it most—when you are having a flair up or when you are ill
Precise dosing- You know exactly how much of each ingredient you are getting
Targeted therapies- We can achieve certain therapeutic benefits by preparing a custom preparation to solve your problems, not a pre-packaged, one sized fits all solution.s

I eat well. Don’t I get enough vitamins?

If you eat a well-balanced diet, you may or may not be getting the nutrients you need to sustain optimal health. The foods we buy and consume from grocery shelves are over-processed and over-saturated with preservatives. This robs the food of their original nutritional contents. Not to mention we slow cook the life out of many of the food items we enjoy here in the south. This is made worse by the slow depletion of minerals from the soil our foods are grown in. End result is our bodies become depleted of the many minerals and elements needed for a healthy balance.

You. Better. Now

This is the catch-phrase we commonly use at Compass Cellular Healing, because we want all of our clients to feel better, Now. Perhaps the fastest way to feeling better immediately is IV therapy. We recommend our Nashville IV vitamin therapy and infusions for a variety of conditions, including athletes preparing for or recovering from events or those battling a chronic disease. Our IV treatments can also help with fatigue (especially if with a Lyme or EBV/HSV co-infection), for treatment of the common cold, flu or other illnesses and for general health prevention and maintenance-all of these conditions can benefit from IV therapies.

IV Hydration
  • Boost Immunity + Detox Body
  • Increase Energy + Performance
  • Fluids + Electrolytes + Vitamins
  • Precise Dosing + Trageted Therapy
  • Rapid Nutrition + Minerals for Cells

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