Low libido in men and women

Declining libido is a common issue that occurs in both men and women age. Decrease in sex drive can be stressful for those dealing with it and their partners. Sex is an essential part of life and overall health. You do not have to accept low libido as just a part of aging. Compass Cellular Healing in Nashville is here to help.

How Does Testosterone Impact Sexual Health?

Testosterone is vital for both a man’s and a woman’s health; testosterone helps with:

Declining libido should be discussed with your doctor. Untreated low testosterone levels can cause more severe issues to arise in the future, like brittle bones, continual brain fog and loss of drive, and even heart issues.

How Can Low Libido Impact a Person’s Life?

Low testosterone levels can negatively impact intimate relationships and cause embarrassment by contributing to a declining libido. Low sex drive and low testosterone can also influence a person’s self-confidence, leading to depression and anxiety. Intimate issues can often be hard to discuss, but we are here for you. Compass Cellular Healing can help balance your hormones and restore your sex drive.

Low libido in men and women

Signs of Low Testosterone in Men and Women

Are There Treatments for Restoring Your Sex Drive?

The short answer is: yes.

Compass Cellular Healing starts with a complete patient screening, review of medical history, assessment of symptoms, and blood work. This approach helps us decipher the reason for the decrease in sex drive and develop the best treatment plan. Treatment can consist of diet restrictions, lifestyle changes, supplements, and HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). In addition, we have other treatment options available such as the P-Shot and O-Shot , Alma Duo Shockwave Therapy, and enhancement peptides. No matter your treatment plan, our experts will continue to monitor your progress to make sure you are seeing the best results.

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