Galleri Multi-cancer Early Detection Test

Improve chances of early detection with the Galleri® test by GRAIL that detects for over 50 types of cancer through a simple blood draw.
Multi-cancer Early Detection Test

How It Works


Multi-Cancer Screening

Early Detection Saves Lives

Take control of your health and screen for over 50 types of cancer—including many of the most common and the most deadly. All from a single lab visit.

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Multi-cancer Early Detection Test

$ 1,250 / test one-time charge
  • 1 complete Galleri blood draw kit
  • Includes lab visit & blood draw​
  • Receive results within about 2 weeks following blood draw
  • Understand positive or negative cancer signals in blood
  • Includes consultation & follow-up

Frequently Asked Questions

The Multi-Cancer Early Detection Test by GRAIL includes:


  • An online medical evaluation to determine eligibility
  • If deemed eligible, a blood draw collection kit & Quest Labs visit
  • All lab and testing fees
  • A copy of your bloodwork results
  • If necessary, a consultation with a doctor to review your results and discuss any next steps
  • Complete your online evaluation
  • If deemed eligible, schedule your blood draw or simply walk-in to your local Quest to complete your blood draw
  • Leave your blood collection kit with Quest for processing
  • Receive your results within 14-days

Nope! With AgelessRx, one of our providers licensed in your state will review your medical history to determine eligibility. We’ll take it from there. All you need to do is simply complete your online evaluation to get started.

Important Safety Information

The test is recommended for use in adults with an elevated risk for cancer, such as those aged 50 or older. The test does NOT detect all cancers and should be used in addition to routine cancer screening tests recommended by a healthcare provider.

​The test is intended to detect cancer signals and predict where in the body the cancer signal is located. Results should be interpreted by a healthcare provider in the context of medical history, clinical signs and symptoms. A test result of​ “Cancer Signal Not Detected” does not rule out cancer. A test result of​ “Cancer Signal Detected” requires confirmatory diagnostic evaluation by medically established procedures (e.g. imaging) to confirm cancer.

If cancer is not confirmed with further testing, it could mean that cancer is not present or testing was insufficient to detect cancer, including due to the cancer being located in a different part of the body. False-positive (a cancer signal detected when cancer is not present) and false-negative (a cancer signal not detected when cancer is present) test results do occur.

This test is available by prescription only. Additionally, the information above is only a summary and may not contain all important safety information. Click here to learn more.

Note: The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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