EBO2 Ozone Dialysis is one of the most advanced Ozone treatment therapies. This healing treatment can remove/treat toxins and chronic illness within the body. Our clinic in Nashville offers Ozone Dialysis therapy, which filters the blood and combines it with ozone. Ozone is O3, three molecules of oxygen versus two molecules. This treatment allows its healing components to reach all systems of the body in one treatment.

How does the treatment work?

Your blood is filtered through a dialysis filter to remove the impurities. The blood is then processed through UV Light, which kills off viruses and bacteria being circulated through the bloodstream. The next step is for the blood to go through a red light, which helps to increase ATP (adenosine triphosphate) for mitochondria (powerhouse of a cell) and stem cell stimulation. This purified blood is then rpumped back into the body. The impurities that have been filtered out appear as a white foamy substance in a canister for the clinic to dispose of. The white foam is better known as Beta 2 Microglobulins, which are proteins that cause inflammation and disease in our bodies, as well as cholesterol.

Embryonic stem cells

Who can benefit from Ozone Dialysis?

The Ozone Dialysis therapy our Nashville clinic offers is great for anyone looking to become the best and most functional version of themselves. This treatment is known to restore and rejuvenate those suffering from:

What are the benefits of this treatment?