Ozone Therapy

Our Nashville Ozone Therapy increases the total amount of oxygen available to your cells. This helps to enhance circulation, boost your immune system, and fight off harmful pathogens and cancerous cells.

Increase Energy

Ozone works by increasing the amount of oxygen available to cells which stimulates oxygen metabolism giving you a much needed energy boost.

Fight Illness

Bacteria and Viral Pathogens cannot survive in a highly-oxygenated environment. Just like Hyperbaric therapy this treatment is a powerful antimicrobial.


Ozone therapy helps to protect your cells from degenerative diseases and free radicals that cause tissue aging by stimulating the production of antioxidants.


Boost your immune system naturally and increase blood flow to every tissue in your body by feeding your cells with vital nutrients in a hyper-oxygenated state.

Restore & Rejuvenate Your Body

Compass Cellular Healing offers many types of hyperbaric oxygen treatments and ozone therapies in Nashville. Whether your an athlete trying to improve their performance, recovering from illness, or battling a chronic disease, our Physicians will develop a treatment plan just for you.

Direct Ozone

This therapy is used for injured or diseased joints or muscles. It is a great anti-inflammatory and healing promoter. We also use the direct technique intravenously as an affordable option for those who desire a whole body treatment or treatment for a chronic condition.

10 Pass Ozone

The 10 pass system allows us to oxygenate and Ozonate 2.0-2.5 liters of blood over about 90 minutes. This treatment is best for chronic conditions, infection, inflammatory states, autoimmune disorders, and athletes looking to improve their performance.

Home Ozone

Enjoy the convenience of Ozone Therapy at home. From Ozonating your drinking water to performing stethoscope Ozone insufflations, we got you covered. We work with our clients instructing them on how to use Ozone therapy to maximize their health and minimize disease.

Ozone Dialysis

By far the most advanced ozone treatment we have. Treating 80-90% of the blood volume, Ozone dialysis offers a big advantage over the 10 pass method in many ways. First we are treating 2 times the blood volume! We are also filtering the blood through a dialysis filter and exposing the huge blood volume to a red light for mitochondrial activation and blue light to promote anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-microbial activity. This comprehensive treatment is great for those with fibromyalgia, mold toxicity, neuropathy, diabetes, Parkinsons, ALS, Because of the comprehensive nature of this treatment it can really benefit anyone. We see great benefits in: 1) Chronic conditions: infections, inflammatory states such as autoimmune disease or fibromyalgia or mold toxicity. Diabetes and neuropathy as well as CNS diseases such as ALS, Parkinson's, MS. 2) Recovery: Athletes recovering from or preparing for competition, post-surgical recovery, healing your body after chemotherapy or antibiotics and we have also seen great response in those recovering from viral illnesses. 3) Prevention: Great for those who want to maintain an edge-if you are traveling and want to minimize the risk of illness while away, do you have a high stress job and we want to boost your health or perhaps you are an athlete and want to boost your performance, Ozone is a great way to do that.

One Treatment
  • Improve Wound Healing
  • Boost Your Immune System
  • Reduce Pain & Inflammation
  • Detox from Heavy Metals & Toxins
  • Reduce Chronic Tissue & Nerve Pain

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