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Our Sexual Health Treatments

  • Alma Duo From $500

    A revolutionary shockwave treatment for helping men and women with sexual dysfunction! This pain free treatment promotes angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels, in the penis and clitoris leading to greater blood flow and sensitivity. This allows results in peak sexual performance! Bring spontaneity back into your relationship with Alma Duo.

  • Sexual Enhancement Peptides Upon Request

    Great sex is vital part of a healthy relationship. From nasal sprays to topical creams, sexual enhancement peptides are a great way to bring the spark back to the bedroom. They can be used by both men and women to stimulate sexual desire.

  • P - Shot For Males $1,800

    This method involves cellular factors being injected into the cavernous structures of the penis, which then regenerates the integrity of these tissues. Our Nashville P-Shot procedure is ideal for males seeking to have a fuller erection and higher levels of sensitivity.

  • O - Shot For Females $1,600

    Our Nashville sexual health treatment is the perfect match for females desiring sexual improvement, and for those seeking to prevent and minimize urinary incontinence. Our O-Shot procedure in Nashville procedure injects cellular factors into the upper wall of the vagina and the clitoris, fully restoring sensation and the integrity of those tissues.

Everything you need to feel more intimate in the bedroom

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  • Improve Sexual Performance Naturally
  • Restore Sensation & Excitement
  • Experience Longer Orgasms
  • No Medications or Side Effects
  • Long - Lasting Results

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