Organic Chlorella 16oz

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Organic Chlorella is a single-celled algae that has been grown and then dried into a powder. This dark green powder is loaded with essential nutrients, and minerals. Containing an unusually high amount of chlorophyll (the “green blood” of all plant life), nubeleaf’s Organic Chlorella Powder is a wonderful item to include into your diet as nutritional support for cleansing because it is nutrient dense without taxing the body with a large amount of material to metabolize. Chlorophyll is known to support the transportation of oxygen around the blood supply and builds the red blood cell count. Additionally, due to its high levels of chlorophyll – in fact, this algae has the highest chlorophyll than any other plant on earth – this superfood powder may contribute to health and healing by reducing acidity in the body, at the same optimizing oxygen into the blood – this is all necessary for a strong immunity.
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