MTHFR Mutations: The Impact on Your Health

DNA Strands Assembling and MTHFR Mutations

If you’ve been feeling tired or run down lately, it could be due to a hidden health condition – a mutation in the MTHFR gene. While this may sound daunting, there are ways to manage this mutation and improve your overall health and wellbeing. Keep reading to learn more about the impact this can play […]

How Does Stress Affect Your Body?

Man under stress from working sitting sitting in from of a computer

We all experience stress; it is normal to go through it, but how we handle our stress can play a significant role in our health. So how does stress affect our bodies? Stress can negatively affect our bodies both mentally and physically. When stress is not managed well, it can cause more severe issues to […]

Low Libido in Men & Women

Low libido in men and women

Declining libido is a common issue that occurs in both men and women age. Decrease in sex drive can be stressful for those dealing with it and their partners. Sex is an essential part of life and overall health. You do not have to accept low libido as just a part of aging. Compass Cellular […]

Tips for Sleeping Better at Night

Getting a good night’s sleep is just as important to your health as diet and exercise. Sleep is critical for healing our bodies both mentally and physically. Irregular sleep cycles can affect our minds and our bodies, causing poor brain function, poor performance, hormonal changes, decreased immunity and weight gain. Optimal health comes when we […]

Hormone Therapy and Middle Age

Hormone Therapy

Now, looking back, I clearly see the downward spiral. I can feel the unshakable lethargy that left me wasted at the end of a short day. The desire to sleep, almost endlessly, and the lack of focus that interrupted my daily activities. This all came on very slowly, insidiously. Months and years of slow but […]