This the newest, most exciting therapy we have at Compass Cellular Healing.
WHAT ARE EXOSOMES AND HOW DO THEY WORK? Acellular growth factors or EXOSOMES are not new-they have been around for a while. Basically, exosomes are spheres of information released from one cell to communicate with another cell or system of the body. Exosomes contain growth factors, homeostatic or “balancing” cytokines and the blueprints to maintain balance within a cell.

These blueprints are essentially instructions on how to perform certain functions. The functions are usually to maintain balance within the cell itself and the body system to keep the cell healthy, performing its job and if the cell is not performing its job, to help get it back on track.

ACellular growth factors can be applied and used to heal the body in many different ways. Clinicians are using them to help rejuvenate and heal joints that are broken or dysfunctional. We are using them systemically throughout the body to treat chronic inflammation, other infections from viruses or other bacteria and diseases such as Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis and ALS with great results and return of function. 

Inside an arthritic or damaged joint there is too much inflammation and not enough healing. Inject acellular growth factors into the joint, what we see is that the inflammation comes down, the joint starts to heal and remodel itself, and then the joint can function normally again. Without Surgery!

Another way we are using these acellular growth factors is through a systemic application. If someone has an autoimmune disease or maybe a chronic neurodegenerative condition, we use acellular growth factors systemically to calm down the inflammation, restore balance, and heal the damage done to the body and the nerves. Results in these cases typically take about 3-6 months as it takes that long for the growth factors to reach their full potential. Many of these clients start to regain lost function and have improvements in memory and general wellbeing. 

The final way that we are using acellular growth factors in our practice is actually for longevity and as an anti-aging measure. We all know that our bodies tend to get complacent over time and that we have inflammation in our system that our body doesn’t correct. So using these growth factors intravenously allows us to correct inflammation in our bodies before it reaches a level where it causes wide-spread systemic disease.

To learn more about Acellular Growth Factors click here. If this sounds like something that you would be interested in or maybe you know someone who needs treatment like this. Please give us a call at Compass Cellular Healing.

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