Here at Compass Cellular Healing we’re always looking for the latest and innovative methods to help our patients achieve their highest potential. We’ve seen countless patients achieve incredible success with Ozone Therapy. We’re committed to helping our patients be the most functional and healthy versions of themselves. From reducing total body inflammation to helping their body maintain their desired optimized state; the results have transformed our patient’s lives. We’re dedicated to helping you and your family reach positive outcomes with this advancement we offer here in our clinic.

You may have heard of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Our Nashville team knows that hyperbaric oxygen is used to heal wounds and oxygen is great for our bodies. Simply put, Ozone gas is another form of oxygen, it is three molecules of oxygen bound together rather than just two molecules. Typically, we use this by introducing this into the blood. We draw the blood out and it is collected into a canister, so that the Ozone is mixed with the blood, and then the blood is re-infused. In just one application this has some significant benefits for your body. It’s antiviral, anti-fungal, antimicrobial, and a strong anti-inflammatory. Our clinic in Nashville offers intravenous Ozone Therapy boosts your body’s stem cell release, which is important because stem cells offer a viable source of replacement cells to treat diseases and conditions. To add, oxygen is such a potent anti-inflammatory that your total body inflammatory load will noticeably decrease after using Ozone as a treatment.

Embryonic stem cells

Who can actually benefit from the use of Ozone gas? Everyone can, because we’re all striving to be at our best performance level possible. Ozone Therapy works very well in treating other chronic inflammatory states, such as inflammatory bowel disease or patients that have had multiple injuries in their body. Those who suffer from chronic infections like mold toxicity and chronic conditions such as Lyme Disease can expect to highly benefit from Intravenous Ozone Therapy.

All of those inflamed states in our bodies can be treated and cured with Intravenous Ozone Therapy. Our Nashville doctors visit with various ill patients with chronic problems, and we believe that at the core of so many of our issues is the lack of oxygen in our body. Oxygen is used to fight off bacteria, it’s anti-inflammatory, and Ozone gives us a way to combat all of those things with one single therapy. That’s the powerful benefit of Ozone; it will effectively reach every system in your body with one single application.

Here at Compass Cellular Healing, we’re honored for the opportunity to work with people from all different walks of life and backgrounds. One client who travels a lot for their career, they’ve played professional sports in the past, yet they have suffered from various body aches and pains. In preparation for their multiple upcoming business trips, they visited my clinic for help. They wanted to make sure their immune system was in optimal shape, and they needed assurance that they would have plenty of energy without the aches and pains. Next, we completed a treatment of Ozone for this patient before they left on their business trip. I talked to this patient roughly four weeks after their return from the trips, and I was so grateful to hear their amazing news. They said with joy and relief, “Doc, my knees don’t ache anymore, my hips stopped hurting, I’m sleeping better, and I noticed I have more energy throughout the day.” Not only did we accomplish our goal in getting them well before their trip and they didn’t get sick, but we also improved their quality of life for weeks after that episode. 

In conclusion, if you’re suffering from autoimmune disease, chronic pain, chronic infection, or you’re seeking optimal living, hyperbaric oxygen therapy at our Nashville clinic may be just right for you. We’re dedicated to helping you reach your optimal health and performance by restoring your body with the oxygen it needs. Call our clinic to find out more and book an appointment with us. We truly value you and thank you for entrusting us with your wellness!